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“I had 2 photofacial treatments and am astounded at the change in my complexion – the brown spots are gone!”- Hillary 

A Photofacial Treats Sun Damage, Age Spots And Rosacea.

Fotona introduces the newest generation of Photofacial. Fotona’s state-of-the-art laser photofacial reduces down-time, treats red vessels, rosacea, sun damage, and polishes the skin to perfection to with the ultralight laser peel. Gone are the days of IPL Photofacial which required several treatments, significant downtime, and limited results.

The Photofacial process treats:

  • Sun Damage: Wide areas of pigmentation on face, neck, chest, and other areas
  • Sunspots: Pigmented lesions, also known as age spots
  • Rosacea: General inflammation of the cheeks and face

Telangiectasias: Individual Facial vessels which can be red, blue, or purple in color

Pigmented lesions are remarkably common and the overwhelming majority are benign, however, for aesthetic reasons they can be highly unpleasant to many people. Among the most common lesions are keratoses, moles, freckles, sun spots and melasma. Sun spots, also known as lentigines, are harmless, flat, brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people over the age of 40. These spots give away a person’s age and are caused by the skin being exposed to too much sun over the years without adequate sunscreen protection. Melasma is an unrelated condition also characterized by dark pigmented patches on the face, but is usually caused by hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. General skin lightening treatments have become possible today thanks to advances in medical laser technology. Using non-invasive laser therapy, it is possible to effectively treat skin surface pigmentation conditions such as melasma, sun spots, and uneven dark patches due to the overproduction of melanin in the epidermis of the skin.

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