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Cellfina™ – A Cellulite Treatment That Works

When was the last time you wore shorts or a bathing suit and felt comfortable? If cellulite is making you feel self -conscious or unhappy with the way you look, you may want to explore the cellulite treatment Cellfina™.

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Newsflash! Nearly every woman has cellulite, no matter what they weigh. Even those who work out regularly still struggle with it.

If you’re ready to transform your skin and go back to the smooth bum and thighs you had in your younger years, keep reading to learn about the Cellfina treatment. You’ll also see some Cellfina before and after pictures.

What is Cellfina?

Exfoliants, creams, diets, and even exercise don’t work for most people. Cellfina is an FDA-cleared cellulite treatment for the thighs and buttocks that addresses the cause.

It’s a nonsurgical procedure that targets cellulite using a microblade technique. Due to the low invasiveness of the treatment, we use a local numbing agent as opposed to general anesthesia.

How Does Cellfina Work to Treat Cellulite?

A Cellfina treatment releases connective bands called septae that are woven into the fat of your thighs and buttocks. These bands pull on your skin and create the dimples that appear on the surface as cellulite.

Cellfina releases these fibrous bands and eliminates the tension to allow for smoother skin. You can see the results for yourself in the Cellfina before and after photos below.

Cellfina Before and After Photos

Cellfina before after 1
Cellfina EmSculpt TightSculpt Natural Look Client before after photo3

Is a Cellfina Treatment Right for Me?

Cellfina is a one-time treatment for cellulite that takes 45 minutes to an hour. Most people see results in as few as three days and are still happy at least two to three years later.

Those with a stable weight and a minimal looseness to their skin are good candidates for Cellfina. The cost is about half of what you would pay for surgery.

What Does Cellfina Recovery Look Like?

Cellfina isn’t a procedure that’s going to interfere with your daily life as surgery would. There is no downtime required, and the side effects are minor. Some people feel tenderness in the area or experience minor bruising, but that ends in about a week or less.

Searching for a Cellulite Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida?

Natural Look Medical Spa offers The Cellfina™ System. During the initial consultation, we prepare a treatment plan for our Jacksonville Cellfina patients and may suggest other options to improve results.

Contact our office in Jacksonville now to schedule a complimentary consultation for your cellulite treatment.