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“Natural Look Medical Spa and it’s office staff are incomparable to other medical spas, their service and professionalism speak for themselves. I am extremely happy with my results! I did my research when picking a med spa, and they have all the latest and proven equipment for procedures and treatments! I am a Natural Look client for life!” – Cindy

Does Emsculpt Burn Fat or Build Muscle?

Does Emsculpt burn fat or build muscle? Emsculpt burns fat and builds muscle with each treatment. On average, the results are 16% increase in muscle mass and 19% fat reduction. These non-invasive body contour treatments are effective when dieting and the gym just aren’t enough.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Emsculpt target areas
Emsculpt at Natural Look Medica Spa

The FDA has cleared 5 treatment areas with Emsculpt. Treatment areas include buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs and calves. Not every area will need fat reduction. For areas like the buttocks, Esculpt is set for electromagnetic pulses only to increase muscle mass. The fat in the buttocks is less metabolic active than fat in the abdomen. So, the body does not respond to the Emsculpt treatment with fat apoptosis (destruction of fat cells) when treating the buttocks.

What Technology Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive, non-surgical option for body contouring. Emsculpt is HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) technology. It uses the power of electromagnetism to tighten muscles and burn fat in areas like the belly and thighs where resistant pockets of fat typically collect. Unlike other fat reducing treatments, Emsculpt simultaneously sculpts underlying muscle with the option to reduce fat.

How Does It Work?

This treatment works by simultaneously building muscle and burning fat for areas that need both, like abdomens. It sends electromagnetic pulses into the muscle causing them to contract as if they were undergoing a workout. Emsculpt delivers 20,000 muscular contractions in only 30 minutes. This process is more efficient in strengthening muscle fibers than working out.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The protocol is a minimum of 4 treatments depending on the desired results. Treatments are spaced 2 to 3 days apart and can initially be done weekly. Treatment cycles can continue for as long as you need to see improvements. While some will see and feel immediate results, most will have to wait about four to six weeks to see results. We recommend establishing a plan with your practitioner to maintain your results.

Will I Be Sore?

You have probably experienced the physical discomfort for days after an intense workout at the gym or the first workout after a long break from the gym. There is no discomfort after an Emsculpt treatment. You may feel the effects during your treatments, but that just let’s you know it’s working! There is a resting phase between muscle contractions to flush lactic acid out of the treatment area. The build up of lactic acid is what causes soreness.

What To Expect During a Treatment?

The treatments are comfortable. An applicator is placed on the treatment area while you are relaxed and lying down. During the treatment you will feel your muscles contract, then the muscles will relax to flush lactic acid to prevent soreness. These cycles of muscle contraction and relaxation continue throughout the 30 minute treatment. In total, each treatment is equivalent to 20,000 squats or crunches.

  • No preparation needed for treatments
  • Relax and lie back for treatments
  • Immediately return to normal activities
  • Zero downtime
Emsculpt Applicators Cropped
Emsculpt Small and Large Applicators

Are Results Permanent?

Emsculpt burns fat and builds muscle. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good. However, remaining fat cells can become larger if you gain weight. You’ll want to maintain a healthy diet and good exercise habits. If you stop strength training you can lose muscle – the same principle applies for Emsculpt. You will want to either beef up your gym workout to maintain results or schedule periodic Emsculpt treatments. Together, you and your practitioner will map out a strategy that works best for you.

Am I Candidate for Emsculpt?

The optimal candidates for Emsculpt are those within a normal BMI. If there is too much fat, the electromagnetic energy cannot reach the targeted muscles. For fat reduction outside of normal BMI, we recommend starting with Vanquish treatments first. Almost everyone is a candidate for Emsculpt that wants a non-surgical option for reducing fat and building muscle. Emsculpt also benefits women post pregnancy to tighten expanded abdominal muscles, women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor, and men and women who want to look more fit.

If you have metal implants or are pregnant, you are not a candidate for treatments.

Popular Treatment Area

The most popular treatment area for men are the abs. But, for women, it’s definitely the butt. The Brazilian Butt is a surgical procedure to enhance the volume of the butt with an implant or fat transfer. Surgery always comes with risks. With Emsculpt, HIFEM technology is enhancing what’s already there. It’s doing the work for you without the risks or downtime!

Emsculpt grid butts before and after
Natural Look Medical Spa Before and After Results

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