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Hair Restoration: Laser Hair Restoration in 8 Weeks

Laser Hair Restoration in 8 weeks with the Fotona Dynamis Pro 

Hair Restoration: Laser Hair Restoration in 8 Weeks

Restoring hair growth is nothing new, but HOW we are doing it in this millennium is new.  Traditionally, surgical hair transplantation was the only option with small to large grafts of hair follicles transplanted from the donor site – usually the back of the scalp –  to the areas of thinning or balding hair.  With a cost that can range in the ten’s of thousands of dollars and require multiple transplants, surgical intervention is not always an option – not to mention the downtime and permanent scars.

Laser hair restoration as seen in the photos took weeks, not several months, to see results.  Using a customized protocol, the energy from the laser stimulates dormant hair follicles without anesthesia or surgery.  The Fotona PS03 handpiece is moved back and forth directly on the scalp several times with a crosshatch pattern.  The area will appear red for 24 hours and showering is postponed to the following morning. The treatment area(s) may feel a little tight or swollen, but subsides within a few days and is not noticeable to anyone but the client.

Hair Restoration: Laser Hair Restoration in 8 Weeks

Laser hair restoration is suitable for both men and women of any age.  At Natural Look Medical Spa we start with a comprehensive medical history to rule out any underlying causes for your hair loss…stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders. Although these pictures are of clients utilizing laser hair restoration only, we also have the option of combining with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to enhance results for those clients that have been less than successful with either PRP alone, transplant surgery alone, or just want to ensure the best outcome possible.  PRP treatments use your plasma which contains white blood cells and platelets that are rich in growth factors.

We are probably the most excited about what this treatment is doing for women!  Men are self-conscious about their unwanted hair loss, but women suffer with unwanted hair loss. It’s so rewarding to see women in our office walk out with a whole new level of self-confidence after their treatments.  Treatments are scheduled every 2-4 weeks apart with a total of 3 treatments.  Laser hair restoration even works on brows – or any other area of the body – where unwanted hair loss has occurred.

The first step is to call to schedule your complimentary consultation and meet with our dedicated practitioners Dr. Leiah Walrod our Hair Restoration Specialists.  The second step is to start growing more hair!  (904) 928-9400. Read more about PRP in Allure Magazine: