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NightLase: Is This Non-Surgical Snoring Treatment for You?

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Snoring disrupts healthy sleep patterns and can keep both you and your partner up at night. Poor sleep quality prevents the body from resting and rejuvenating. This can lead to chronic exhaustion during the day and take a tremendous toll on health and quality of life. The condition of sleep apnea, which always involves snoring, can even be life-threatening. Sleep studies have confirmed that sleep apnea causes breathing to stop during sleep.

Non-Invasive, Safe and Effective

Fortunately, help is available. NightLase technology is an innovative laser treatment that has already brought effective snoring relief to thousands of patients. NightLase for snoring is one of the most effective non-surgical medical spa treatments available on the market today.

NightLase works by helping to increase collagen production in oral mucosa tissue. A laser gently tightens contraction in the tissues, facilitating freer airflow and decreasing snoring amplitude. This assists in reducing the disruptive effects of snoring and the dangers of sleep apnea.

The benefits of NightLase for snoring include:

Safe and Effective. The NightLase process is non-surgical and non-invasive. It utilizes the minimum amount of laser exposure required for targeted thermal effects – just enough to bring benefits and reduce capacity for snoring. The tissues at the back of the throat are gently heated. Tissues contract, allowing for less constriction and freer air flow.

Patient-Friendly. A typical course of NightLase involves three treatment sessions performed every two to three weeks apart. NightLase therapy can be repeated, if needed.

Zero Downtime. High Success Rate. NightLase is easy for medical professionals to perform. It has few, if any side effects, no downtime and a high success rate in reducing snoring and creating healthier sleep patterns.

NightLase for snoring is one of the safest and most effective non-surgical medical spa treatments available on the market today. It’s bringing lasting relief to those who suffer from snoring and often works when nothing else has.

If you’re ready to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep and relief from the dangers of sleep apnea, consider the NightLase treatment for snoring.

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