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“The change in the contour and flatness of my abdominal area is nothing short of miraculous. I am signing up to work on more areas.” – Eileen B

Our Medical Spa Provides Body Reshaping with Accent Your Body™ to Help Smooth and Contour Loose Skin

One look at the famed Venus De Milo statue or any glamour magazine is enough to incite a little envy, especially as we age and our skin loses its elasticity and tautness. While exercise works to sculpt our muscles, all those ab curls won’t do a thing to tighten and smooth loose and lumpy skin. Fortunately, using the Alma VShape Laser for body reshaping offers a beautiful solution.

Natural Look Medical Spa – the ONLY certified Accent specialists in Jacksonville

The only treatment of its kind to use a dual layer approach, the Alma VShape combines two proprietary radio frequency modes, BiPolar and UniPolar, to deliver therapeutic heat at multiple tissue depths within the body. Dermal and subdermal tissue is gradually heated with targeted laser energy that reorganizes your skin at the cellular level and stimulates your cells to release toxins, drain retained fluids and produce new collagen.

The Alma VShape Laser can be used to help smooth and contour loose skin anywhere on the body. With a customized treatment regimen, trained aestheticians at Natural Look Medical Spa can help give you a flatter stomach, slimmer hips and thighs and more toned upper arms. Get the smooth, slim, sculpted look you want with no surgery, discomfort or downtime.

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