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“I am amazed at the improvement in my cellulite! No need for a sarong. I am wearing a bathing suit this summer without embarrassment.” – Sandra O

Our Medical Spa Uses The Alma vShape, for Cellulite Reduction. Get Back Healthy-Looking Skin.

Chances are you’ll get it sooner or later – that orange peel-like irregularity and dimpling of the skin on the buttocks and legs seen in more than 85% of women. Using the Alma VShape Laser for cellulite reduction, you can get back the taught, healthy-looking skin of your younger years – all without exercise, diet or surgery.

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

The Alma VShape Laser uses dual radio frequency modes to deliver therapeutic heat at different tissue depths within the skin layers, tightening and re-contouring your skin from the inside out. Virtually pain-free and requiring no anesthesia or downtime, this treatment works by actually stimulating the body’s ability to remodel collagen. That’s important because as we age, the collagen that supports the skin breaks down, making existing cellulite more visible. With a customized treatment regimen, the Alma VShape can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Let Natural Look Medical Spa help you regain that smooth, swimsuit-ready look. Call today for your free consultation with the ONLY certified Accent specialist in Jacksonville.

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