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“I had a series of skin tightening treatments for my “turkey neck” several years ago. I have been maintaining the result with bi-yearly maintenance treatments. I am thrilled not to have to go under the knife!” – Sharon P

Alma vShape Reorganizes Your Skin At The Cellular Level, Prompting Your Skin Cells To Produce New Collagen

Seeing the signs of aging appear on our faces can be distressing. But with today’s ever improving technology, a smooth, vibrant and more youthful look can be achieved – no matter how advanced your age – with the Alma VShape Laser. Natural Look Medical Spa is proud to offer appointments with the ONLY certified Accent specialist in Jacksonville.

Proprietary Dual-Layer Approach

Skin tightening with the Alma VShape is achieved via a dual-layer approach. Two proprietary radio frequencies deliver therapeutic heat to tissue at different depths within the body. This targeted laser energy actually reorganizes your skin at the cellular level, prompting your skin cells to produce new collagen. It’s collagen that helps keep skin taut when we’re young. As we age, collagen diminishes, allowing the skin to fold, droop and form wrinkles.

With a collagen production boost, your skin will regain much of its youthful look without undergoing invasive and painful surgery. With the Alma VShape, our aestheticians at Natural Look Medical Spa can help you literally erase the years from your face with no discomfort or downtime. Call our office today to learn more!

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