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“I started to have thinning hair in my early 30’s. My goal was to stop further hair loss and grow my own hair without any surgery. Natural Look Medical Spa has all the latest laser technologies and stem cell therapies at an affordable price. I’m more than pleased with my results.” -Robert M.

Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville FL for Hair, Skin & Feminine Rejuvenation

Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine, also called Stem Cell Therapy, is changing the way ailments are treated by supplementing the body’s natural healing process.

Over time, healthy tissue can become dysfunctional due to age and injury. A human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) provides the patient with a way to repair, reconstruct, replace, or supplement the same basic functions of the stem cell recipient’s cells or tissues.

As our bodies age, we experience:

  • Longer healing time
  • Increased inflammation
  • Changing the chemical environment
  • Cell exhaustion (cell aging)

Our bodies use a variety of tissue and cell interactions to heal ailments. Predictive Biotech’s Human Cell and Tissue products are processed from donated human tissue from full-term deliveries. All tissues are procured, processed, and tested in accordance with standards established by FDA requirements to minimize any risks associated with disease transmission to recipients. A donor’s comprehensive medical and social history is obtained and thoroughly vetted. Infectious disease testing is performed by certified labs in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) and 42 CFR part 493.

Depending on the area being treated, the procedure can be completed in a single office visit. The medical staff will be able to provide specific details of your treatment plan.

Depending on the severity of the procedure, your personal healing times and the length of time before you feel the effects will vary.

Where do the Stem Cells Come From?

Our human cell and tissue materials come from the umbilical cords of healthy, full-term deliveries
and do not contain any fetal or embryonic tissue.

The Wharton’s jelly layer of the umbilical cord, as well as placental tissue are the richest sources of regenerative properties.
Each contain a unique blend of cytokines, proteins, growth factors and scaffolding properties.
These properties are the functional factors involved in the reconstruction, repair, and protection of human tissue.

Choosing the right products that cooperate with the body’s natural functions is important.
Here is a resource to help navigate Regenerative Medicine.

Click here to download a copy

What Areas Can Stem Cells Help Improve?

Predictive’s human cell and tissue allografts supplement similar tissue in your body via scaffolding, growth factor, homeostatic and general cytokines. This aids in a number of regrowth and rejuvenation treatments, including:

  • Hair Restoration for both Men and Women
  • Feminine Rejuvenation
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Is it Safe?

Our products are rigorously tested to FDA guidelines in CLIA certified labs. Thousands of patients have used Predictive’s tissue allografts with no adverse effects.