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Natural Look Medical Spa Jacksonville Florida

“Natural Look Medical Spa and it’s office staff are incomparable to other medical spas, their service and professionalism speak for themselves. I am extremely happy with my results! I did my research when picking a med spa, and they have all the latest and proven equipment for procedures and treatments! I am a Natural Look client for life!” – Cindy


Anti-aging Solutions for Men and Women

Aging is inevitable. Knowing there are non-surgical options is empowering because we all want to live long, healthy lives and feel our best doing it.


As you age, your body produces less collagen, Collagen is the primary structural component of connective tissue – it’s what keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. After the age of 30, you lose about 1% every year. With the loss of collagen, you will notice signs of aging that include changes in the tone and texture of your skin volume loss, and laxity or loose skin. These noticeable changes appear on the face, neck, and body.

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The Art of Non-Surgical Alternatives

“With advancements in dermal fillers, laser technology, medical grade skin care and neurotoxins, I am able to personalize treatments for our patients. ” -Susan Coker, PA-C, Master Injector and Laser Specialist.

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Ultherapy: Christie Brinkley Reveals Her Secrets

Christie Brinkley embodies the life of feel good, look good – and, finally we get to know her secrets. The truth is non-surgical anti-aging is really no secret at all. Ultherapy and Xeomin are well respected, FDA approved, non-surgical treatments that have been changing the faces of both men and women for years.

Ultherapy is a popular treatment for men and women because there is literally no downtime. You are back to work to the next day. Better yet, no one will ever have to know what you are doing. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound technology to treat deep within the collagen matrix and muscle fibers that keeps your skin tight, taunt, and youthful. Treatment areas include full face and neck, chest, and other areas – like the knees – that can benefit from a lift.

Ultherapy is a lift that gives you control over the way you age. The most common feedback from clients why they chose Ultherapy: Continue reading