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Natural Look Medical Spa Jacksonville Florida

“Natural Look Medical Spa and it’s office staff are incomparable to other medical spas, their service and professionalism speak for themselves. I am extremely happy with my results! I did my research when picking a med spa, and they have all the latest and proven equipment for procedures and treatments! I am a Natural Look client for life!” – Cindy


Taylor Leard, PA-C, Aesthetic Injector and Laser Specialist

Taylor Leard, PA-C, Aesthetic Injector and Laser Specialist. Taylor has several years of experience in the medical field and has spent the majority specializing in Aesthetic Medicine.

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Taylor Leard, PA-C, Aesthetic Injector and Laser Specialist
Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville, FL

Taylor Leard PA is amazing. I’m thrilled with my results! She’s highly skilled and I felt totally comfortable talking with her about all my skin care issues.” -Heather Ledford, APRN, Google Review

Experience and Expertise:

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The Hydrafacial Glow

What is all the talk about the Hydrafacial Glow? It’s a clean, bright glow after receiving a Hydrafacial Treatment. The Hydrafacial Glow has become a phenomenon in the world of aesthetics. What makes Hydrafacial so special?

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Hydrafacial at Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville, Florida

“A Hydrafacial is our most popular skin care treatment at Natural Look. The popularity is definitely driven by the results. Hydrafacials are perfect for all skin colors and skin conditions. The infusion of specialized serums promotes healthy skin to achieve the Hydrafacial Glow” -Lisa J. King, Medical Aesthetician

Three Types of Hydrafacials:

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Seven Reasons Why You Need a Licensed Aesthetician

Are you watching videos online to avoid seeing a professional skin care specialist? There are seven reasons why you should take the health of your skin seriously. A trusted skin care specialist is a must for the best skin of your life.

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Professional Skin Care at Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville

I enjoy helping clients transform their complexion. From developing a customized skin care regimen to accommodate their lifestyle and goals, to recommending anti-aging procedures for long term results. Healthy skin is always the goal. I like to think of myself as a client’s advisor. I truly love what I do! ” -Lisa J. King, Medical Aesthetician

Seven reasons why you need a Licensed Aesthetician:

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ZO’s Daily Power Defense

ZO Skin Health’s Daily Power Defense (DPD) is a multivitamin for your skin. DPD boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid; helps improve lines, wrinkles, and dullness; replenishes lipids to optimize skin barrier function; and supports skins natural DNA repair. It is ZO’s most popular product because it benefits all skin types and skin conditions.

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ZO’s Daily Power Defense at Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville, FL

Daily Power Defense is one of ZO’s Core 5: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning, Daily Power Defense and Sunscreen. The antioxidants of DPD protect your skin against oxidative damage from environmental factors. It’s an important step to keeping skin healthy! ” -Lisa J. King, Medical Aesthetician

What are the benefits of Daily Power Defense?

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IPL Photofacial for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness on the face – and can include broken blood vessels and pimples. Rosacea’s causes and symptoms can vary. Treatment is essential to control rosacea and to have long-term success for clearer, healthier skin. At Natural Look Medical Spa, we offer a simple and effective plan for the treatment of rosacea.

What causes rosacea?

Some causes of rosacea:

  • Stress
  • Strenuous Excercise
  • Extreme heat
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Certain foods, such as spicy foods
Photofacial NaturalLookBeforeAfterphotos2
IPL Photofacial at Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville, FL

“Patients may need more than one Photofacial treatment depending on the severity of their rosacea. At Natural Look, we work closely with the patient to identify potential triggers and causes to help them manage this skin condition for long-term results. Proper skin care and sun screen are essential in the management of rosacea.” –Susan Coker, PA-C, Master Injector and Laser Specialist

What is Photofacial?

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Restoring Skin Health

Skin health is in for 2022 and it’s based in science. There is a systematic approach to restoring skin health. ZO Skin Health offers a simple, comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin.

Targeted Program Solutions

ZO’s comprehensive programs are designed specially to provide solutions of the most common skin concerns. ZO Skincare will transform your complex in 3 simple steps.

Acne. Sun Damage. Lines and Wrinkles. Melasma. Rosacea. Dull and Dry Complextion. Uneven Skin Tone. Rough Texture.

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ZO Skin Health at Natural Look Medical Spa, Jacksonville, FL

ZO Skin Health is by far our most popular skin care with our clients because it’s delivers what is promises. I have been educating men and women about the benefits of medical grade skin care for over ten years. It’s important for me to recommend products that I know will help clients. Results matter when you make the investment of both time and money.” –Laura Ingalls, Medical Aesthetician.

Facts About Aging:

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ThreeForMe™ – Changing the Rules of the Game

We all have multiple complaints about our skin. From wrinkles to sunspots to rosacea, you name it we want it fixed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one procedure that would solve all of our problems?

In as little as 30-60 minutes, ThreeForMe™ laser treatment can treat sun spots, rosacea, broken capillaries, and wrinkles. Why solve one skin problem when you can solve all three issues at once. You can look healthier and younger with brighter skin and get back your ageless glow with ThreeForMe™. 

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